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We have a huge selection of fitness accessories for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for accessories to complete your home gym or commercial gym, we have everything you need at Thuok Fitness.

Browse our inventory of exercise mats, exercise balls, heart rate monitors, pedometers, jump ropes, hand grip strengtheners, pull up bars, push up stands, ankle weights, wrist weights, resistance bands, stretch bands, body-weight scales, and more. Fitness accessories are a great way to add variety and interest to your exercise or training routine.

No matter what your fitness goals are, a good selection of accessories will help you achieve the results you are after. Consider using a stability ball as a bench during your dumbbell routine to help build your core strength. Or add exercise bands to your power rack to increase resistance and forcing your stabilizer muscles to engage in every move. Fitness Accessories offer inexpensive and creative ways to keep your body and mind engaged during your workout.

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  1. Premium 3″ Ankle Strap. This cable attachment ankle strap is attached to a low pulley for performing exercises like inner and outer thigh and glute kickbacks.
  2. 2 lb. Weighted Jump Rope Blue. Durable with padded, swivel handles that allow rope to spin faster, reducing stress on wrists, elbows and shoulders. 9’ length.
  3. ProHands Gripmaster Hand Strength Developer. The GRIPMASTER is ProHands signature model. It’s ideal for any athlete wanting to develop hand strength.
  4. 3″ Premium Ankle Strap. Body Solid Tools Exercise Balls provide a simple but effective way to focus on core strength and stability.

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Amazing pairs of gloves to use for lifting….I’ve been working out and lifting at the gym with these gloves for the past 2 months and they have been a life saver….I have soft sensitive hands so I get callus quick but using these gloves for lifting has saved my hands…..the fit is great and the padding on this is awesome….takes some time to break in but definitely worth it…would definitely buy again

Henry Bishop


I priced out dumbbells and it ended up being much more economical to purchase these resistance bands. With these he can start out with the 10 lb band and work all of the way up to 100 lbs. I like that it comes with both handles and ankle straps. Those accessories give him the versatility to do different exercises, so he’s able to get a full body workout with just these bands. They seem to be very durable and made well.

Alyson McCarthy


I was looking for a product that would allow me to swing 30-50lbs when a gym didn’t have kettlebells or only light bells. This works perfectly for that and doing Turkish Get Ups. I’ve had this for a week and haven’t had any issues with it.

Michael Chandler


Since Covid19 set in, I had become more accustomed to dipping 🍩 donuts, rather than doing actual dips. Enough became enough ~ so, I invested in these resistance bands and they do not disappoint. The quality is exceptional! The workout you get from the variety of exercises is refreshing and effective!!!!! I highly recommend this product.

Joseph Wood